Prevention Tips To Avoid Staph Infections

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and the holiday season will be in full swing before we know it. This time of year can be busy, but the efforts are worth it when you are able to spend quality time with loved ones. If you are looking for events in Austin, TX to get in the holiday spirit, you may want to participate in the Holiday Sing-Along & Downtown Stroll on December 5 or check out the Luminations at the Wildflower Center on December 12th or 13th. The best way to navigate this hectic time of year is with careful planning, which is the same approach you should always take when it comes to preventing problems like staph infection from developing in your feet.

This particular infection has traditionally been treated with the use of methicillin, which is part of the penicillin family. Methicillin has often worked rather well, but now there has been the development of a particular strain of the infection known as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

As with any foot or ankle condition, our professionals here at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists would prefer that you are able to avoid a case of MRSA and not need treatment. With this in mind, follow these prevention tips for staph infections:

Wash your hands – The best way to prevent most infections is hygienic practices. Washing hands thoroughly or using an alcohol-based sanitizer will help prevent the spread of microorganisms.

Cover wounds – If you sustain an abrasion or cut on your feet, or anywhere on the body, be sure to cover it with a dry, sterile bandage until it has healed. An infected sore that produces pus can spread the bacteria, so always keep it covered.

Avoid sharing personal items – Sharing items like sheets, towels, clothing, razors, or athletic equipment increases the risk of microorganisms being transferred between individuals.

Use hot water to wash clothing – Staph bacteria can survive on bedding and clothing, so wash them in hot water and use bleach for materials that are bleach-safe. Dry washed items in the dryer instead of air-drying them.

Preventative care can help you avoid infection, but if you already picked one up on your foot and are looking for answers, don’t hesitate to contact our Austin, TX office to receive the help you need. Call Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists at (512) 328-8900 or schedule your appointment online today.

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