Puncture wounds – A Big deal

They do not look serious from the outside.  A little spot, perhaps no bigger than a pin prick is all you see.  You may even have the chance to take a look at what it was you stepped on. Since it was not a rusty nail or you were wearing your shoe and felt it provided some protection, you decided not to seek medical treatment. The decision not to visit your doctor, an expert foot specialist can have severe consequences for both your feet and your overall health.


While the injury may seem small and insignificant, there can be a lot of things going on beneath the skin. The injury has introduced bacteria and contaminants into your body.  Your body will attempt to ‘wall off’ this area, but your immune system can quickly become overwhelmed especially in the case of Clostridium tetani.  The tetanus bacterium releases a toxin that can be debilitating and fatal, yet completely preventable…..thus your doctor’s interest in your last tetanus shot. 


Once a path is created for infection to enter your body, such as a puncture wound, the pathogens can quickly destroy healthy tissues.  This is especially true for anyone living with diabetes or any other disease.  The changes that can of occur in your body when living with diabetes can make you more prone to infections. Anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes should make a yearly visit to their Austin podiatrist.  You do not need a national study, though there is one, to know that maintaining good foot health is the key to preventing the worst of the all diabetic complications, amputation.


Whatever the state of your health, we must encourage you to seek out medical treatment for any puncture wounds.  The earlier you see your podiatrist, the quicker the injury can be resolved.  Your doctor will debride the area to remove any damaged tissue and cleanse it thoroughly to eliminate the bacteria.  A course of antibiotic medications is also used to destroy any remaining bacteria or prophylaxis against any ‘new’ bacteria taking up residence. Schedule an appointment today!


Until next time, keep those feet happy and healthy Austin!


Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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