Ricki Lake, Injured on Dancing with the Stars

Earlier this month, there were a few online reports of Ricki Lake injuring her leg while practicing for Dancing with the Stars.  Actually, it appears that she posted a picture of her injury, which included a small cut, via her Twitter account. According to People Magazine, an ambulance was called to the seen though Ms. Lake Tweeted "Not sure how my bruise turned into a medic showing up? I'm fine!! :)"  For a healthy individual this may have little consequence other than covering it with a bandage for a few days.  Unfortunately for any individual living with diabetes or other systemic illness, healing wounds is often a much longer course and carries many more risks.

Anytime there is a break in the skin there is a risk of bacteria being introduced and infection setting in.  Infection only complicates the healing process.  If an individual is not in a healthy state, bacteria can often overcome local defenses and lead to irreversible tissue damage. People with long standing diabetes are only one group of people who can have trouble healing from a cut. High blood pressure, smoking, increased age, and poor nutrition are all things that can create a delay in healing.   The longer a wound is open the greater chance there is of a bacterial infection. For this reason if any of these things apply to you, it is worth taking a little extra caution to avoid injury. It is important that anyone who gets a foreign body or puncture wound seek out medical treatment.

Regular check-ups with a podiatric physician can help to identify deficits important to healing.  One of these is blood flow to your feet. Eating a hearth healthy diet, exercising, and watching your cholesterol and blood pressure are all things that can keep your circulatory system in good order.   PAD, or peripheral arterial disease, causes problems with your circulation and may not cause any noticeable symptoms in its early stages.  Unfortunately, when it is untreated can lead to complications as serious as gangrene or limb loss.  A routine exam by your Austin podiatrist involves assessment of the pulses in your legs and feet as well as skin changes that can be a sign of vascular troubles. If there are troubles detected, you may be referred to a vascular specialist.  A yearly appointment with your podiatrist can be just as important as the one with your family doctor.

Until next time, keep those feet happy and healthy, Austin!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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