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The Austin Foot & Ankle injury blog contains the most up-to-date information regarding injuries, treatment, and recovery in Austin, Texas. Articles cover information regarding injuries from sports, running, car accidents, and everyday activities.

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  • Staycation Ideas in Austin Whether you’re waylaid by a foot injury or just looking for some R&R without dropping a lot of coin, a staycation is the perfect solution—especially if you live in and around Austin!
  • 8 Binge-Worthy Shows for Recovering from Foot or Ankle Surgery After a foot or ankle surgery, you will need to take time to rest during your recovery. How can you fill the time? With any of these 8 “binge-worthy” shows!
  • A Smooth Recovery Starts Before Surgery The surgical experts at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists discuss some of the ways you can ensure a smooth recovery in advance of your surgery.
  • Surgery during Fall Season Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists discusses the benefits of undergoing foot surgery in the fall.
  • Is It Time for Nerve Surgery? Nerve pain can negatively impact your quality of life. Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists tells when it might be time to consider nerve surgery.
  • Types of Bunion Surgery There are several different procedures to surgically address bunion pain. Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists explain your options.
  • Bunion Surgery Expectations Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists emphasizes the importance of knowing ahead of time what to expect from bunion surgery.
  • Is It Time for Bunion Surgery? The Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists team can help you determine when surgery is necessary to correct a painful bunion.
  • Sports Injury Surgeries The goal is always to treat sports injuries with conservative care, but sometimes surgical procedures are necessary for foot and ankle issues.
  • Bunion Causes and Symptoms Many people still share a common misconception about why bunions develop, so Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists looks at bunion causes and symptoms.