Spring time in Austin

Hopefully, everyone had a great, injury free holiday weekend. With the weather being great here in Austin, we are sure everyone is spending more time outdoors and more time on their feet. It is always good to get more physical activity, but this time a year is often more injury prone. Why, you may ask? Well, chances are you were a little less than your active normal self over the winter months and through the holidays. Anytime there is a change in your activity level, your muscles, bones, and tendons are at increased risk for injury. A sedentary week followed a weekend softball game or 5 mile run is a good way to open the door to injury. Try taking a short walk on your lunch break or after dinner. Even a few simple stretching or strengthening exercises before you start your day can go a long way in injury prevention.

This is a great time, while you're feeling well, to visit Dr. Thomajan at AFAS. A custom running or gait analysis can identify any problem areas in your feet that can easily be addressed with either a custom or over the counter orthotic. This is also a good step to finding the ‘proper' shoe for your ‘foot type'. Taking the time to find out where those problem areas are now can keep you on your feet and help you avoid having to visit us due to an injury. Just a few sentences ago I mentioned simple exercises, well Dr. Thomajan and all of us here at AFAS can help you find the right exercise program for your foot type and specific concerns for avoiding injury. These are just a few of the things we can do to keep you pain free and active. Click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Thomajan. Until next time, stay healthy Austin!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
Founder and Managing Partner of Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists
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