Tiger Woods - Achilles Tendon Injuries


On a quest to catch the record of 18 major championships set by Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods has encountered a bit of a snag. During an awkward second shot in some pine needles on number 17 at Augusta, Tiger sprained a knee ligament and strained his Achilles tendon. These injuries caused him to miss the Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, NC a few weeks later. After almost four weeks of rest and therapy, he thought he was ready for The Players championship a few weeks ago. His own website reported that while he left this tournament after nine holes, he only aggravated his injuries and did not do any further damage. The state of his Achilles, the tendon on the back of your leg that inserts into your heel bone, apparently wasn’t ready for this tournament.

Tendons generally do not have a good amount of blood flow. Blood to the tissues of your body are like water to grass. For proper growth and healing, your body needs to be able to send nutrients and growth or healing factors through your arteries. Muscles and bones have a main artery and many ancillary arteries to supply the blood. Tendons, on the other hand, have to rely on the small periphery arteries to do the job. This anatomy of our bodies means these injuries may take longer to heal than others. Additionally, a damaged tendon often heals with scar tissue which further weakens the tendon.

Last week Tiger reported that he is optimistic he can play the U.S. Open only 2 weeks from now. While we wish Tiger the best course of healing, we hope he doesn’t further aggravate his injury by returning to play too early. This injury is fairly common in golf players at all levels due to the twisting and stresses this sport requires. If you begin to experience pain in the back part of your ankle, be sure to visit your Austin podiatrist soon. There are treatment options, often used by top athletes like Tiger, that can help heal this injury and get you back to your activities sooner. These modalities are available to you at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists.

Until next time, keep those feet happy and healthy Austin!

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