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Toning or shaping footwear suppliers claim to promote muscle toning using micro-instability. These shoes can be found in a variety of brands and designs.

  • In general, toning footwear is designed to increase the use of certain muscle groups that may not be challenged in typical running or walking shoes. This increased use of specific muscles may result in increased muscle tone over time. 


  • Proper safety should always be considered. Excessive exercise in toning footwear, including walking for extended periods of time without building up a break-in period, could lead to overuse injuries including sprains, Achilles tendinitis, and shin splints. Individuals with poor balance or who are at risk for falls should consult with their physician before considering toning footwear.


  • Toning shoes should be utilized similar to any other piece of athletic training equipment. This type of footwear should be viewed as an addition to an exercise program, to strengthen and tone certain targeted muscle groups.


  • We encourage our patients to educate themselves about each specific toning product on the market and its designed use to help avoid injury. Individuals with tight posterior calf muscles or Achilles tendons may not be able to tolerate toning shoes, as they put increased strain on these body parts.


  • Always remember that if claims sound so outrageous they probably are. Weight loss and muscle toning always requires time and energy.

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