Treating Warts at Home during the Holiday Season

The holidays are always packed full of places to go, things to do, and people to see. Sometimes it seems you don’t have even a moment to stop and catch your breath, so it can be extra stressful to look down at your feet and see that a wart has cropped up. No one ever wants to see these growths, but treating warts at home is fairly easy.

There are several types of warts that you might find on your feet, including common, plantar, and periungual. Common warts are rough (comprised of small, grainy bumps) and flesh-colored (pink, white, or tan). This type will develop singly or in a cluster and is more likely to be found on your hands, but can be transferred to your feet by touch.

Plantar warts are found on the bottom of your feet. They have a smooth surface and either a gray-yellow or brown color. They typically appear on the ball of your foot or heel, where your foot faces a lot of pressure. Due to the pressure, these warts are flat and may lead to a thick, callus-like skin forming over it.

Periungual warts are most likely to be found around your toenails. They have the capacity to rapidly become quite large and displace an entire nail. These warts are fairly smooth before they develop the rough texture that is characteristic of other varieties.

There are an array of home remedies for warts that can be effective. Salicylic acid is widely regarded as the most desirable treatment, and it is safe as long as you follow instructions carefully. When you are using this method, keep in mind that it will take 2-3 months to completely take care of your wart. Another way of treating warts at home is to use duct tape and cover the wart for 6 days. At that time, the tape is removed and the wart soaked and scrubbed. Then the process is repeated until the wart is gone.

If those methods do not appeal to you, there are over-the-counter cryotherapy kits that you can buy without a prescription at the pharmacy or retail store.

Contact Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists if you are having a difficult time with warts on your feet. Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS and Dr. Shine John DPM, FACFAS are experienced podiatrists who can provide the treatment you need. Call us at (512) 328-8900 to schedule an appointment.

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