Valentine’s Day – Eats & Diabetes

Anyone who subscribes to the Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists newsletter, sent to your email address once a month, has already read some of our suggestions for the celebrating the holiday.  Hopefully you are not Googling last minute ideas for dinner inAustin, as many places are sure to be busy.  If you are still looking for a dinner out for you and your sweetheart, here are a few local places we recommend with hyperlinks for convenience:

Romeo’s          Driskill Grill               Hudson’s on the Bend           Chez Zee       

The Melting Pot                     Uchi                Ches Nous                              Fonda San Miguel    

            Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill                        Eddie V’s Edgewater Grill

Whether or not you are living with diabetes; try to make good food choices whenever you eat.  Limiting or eliminating fried foods can greatly improve your cardiovascular health, and fresh vegetables are always a better option than French fries.  All restaurants offer you a variety of delicious choices to tempt your palate and may of them are quite healthy; it is up to you to choose the right foods.

If you are living with diabetes, good management of blood sugars depends greatly on the right food choices.  Chocolate is often the sweet of choice for Valentine’s day.  While you have been told to stay away from sweets as a diabetic, there are better options to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Most major brands of chocolate offer sugar free or low carb options for those who need to watch their sugars.  If you are having trouble finding sweets, there are many ‘diabetic candy’ options that can be found online year round.  One such website, titled, has the sole focus of sweets for those with diabetes. Another, also has a variety of options.  Even though these options may not have the sugar pack of regular chocolates it is still important to observe moderation.  Diabetes requires many changes in habits you may have had for a long time, but watching what you eat, losing weight, and staying active, you can enjoy many more days with the Valentine’s in your life.

Until next time, have a Happy Valentine’s Day Austin!

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