Do kids need orthotics?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  Many children complain of "tired feet" or "tired legs".  Some more subtly don't partake in sporting activities or are generally inactive.  Some children can be noted to constantly switch their weight from one foot to the other.  Some children cannot be kept in shoes or sneakers as they remove them at the first opportune moment.  Some children exhibit none of these things - they are comfortable in their sneakers, they are active and they never complain.  If your child exhibits any of the above or you see that they are extremely flat footed, extremely out toed or extremely in towed, you should have them evaluated by your Podiatrist for orthotics.  We have more times than not taken an inactive child with "tired feet and legs" and in a few weeks with a good pair of orthotics, made them children who love to run and play and be active!  Lastly, "growing pains" are exacerbated by alignment or positional issues that can likewise be handled rather quickly with a pair of total contact orthotics.  If in doubt, have your child assessed by your doctor.  They will know if orthotics are needed or not.