I had surgery with Dr. Thomajan what shoud I immediately know?

When will I be released from the surgical facility?

There are many factors that contribute to your release time; including, type of anesthesia, type of procedure performed, presence of nausea, vomiting, or fever. Typically, with a general anesthetic you can expect to remain in the surgical facility between 2-3 hours after your surgical procedure. A nurse will call you prior to your surgery and we recommend coordinating release times with the designated nurse.

Can I drive home?

As a surgical patient you will be required to have a driver deliver you to your home after your surgery. Neither your surgeon nor your surgical team at the facility will allow a taxi, bus or other form of public transportation to drive you. You must have a friend or family member participate in your care regarding transportation.

Can my surgeon call in my prescription?

Should Dr. Thomajan prescribe pain medication he will write the prescription on the day of your surgery and this will be in the possession of the post-operative nurse at the facility that will be charged with your care. You will receive a paper copy of your prescription to deliver to any pharmacy of your choice.

I am home now and I am experiencing nausea; what do I do?

If it is within 6 hours of your procedure it is likely you are experiencing a reaction to the anesthesia. Initially, we recommend finding a comfortable position to rest and further recommend you eat toast and drink light tea. After eating and drinking tea we recommend you begin to hydrate by drinking water. After 6 hours if you are still experiencing nausea and/or if you cannot hold down any food please contacts us to prescribe anti-nausea medication. Dr. Thomajan after this time frame will gladly call in a prescription to your pharmacy.

When can I shower?

You may shower at any time after the effects of your anesthesia have worn off. However, we recommend that you do not bathe in any way that your surgical dressings may be submerged in water. For your post-operative convenience we offer over-the-counter shower bags for purchase.

I showered and got my bandage wet; what do I do?

This is a common occurrence. However, you will need to contact our office so that we may schedule you an appointment to change the bandage as soon as possible. A wet or damp bandage can be a possible breeding ground for post-operative bacteria and infection. For your convenience we offer over-the-counter shower bags for purchase. The shower bags are specifically engineered to keep a tight hold around your ankle or thigh so as to avoid additional visits and associated costs.

My foot is throbbing, what is happening?

More often than not you are experiencing a throbbing sensation due to the bandage on your operative site being too tight. We recommend you or your surgical caretaker (spouse, friend, etc) loosen your bandage just a bit to allow the bandage to breathe. We then recommend you elevate your foot with pillows in a comfortable position to allow for blood flow.

Should I change my bandage?

No, Dr. Thomajan will change your bandage on your first post-operative visit and on any other visits to the office. You will only be asked to change your bandage should you get your bandage wet or damp and you cannot make it to the office immediately (i.e.…8 o’clock at night).

What does it mean to be non-weightbearing?

As a post-operative patient you will not be allowed to perform physical weight bearing activity on your surgical site. You are to remain non-weight bearing until advised otherwise by Dr. Thomajan. Dependent upon your surgical procedure this may be 2-6 weeks or longer. You may request crutches at the hospital or from your local pharmacy. As well, if you wish to receive additional information on non-weight bearing scooters please visit the following sites (we are not affiliated with these companies. You must contact them to receive information on payment & delivery):

When do I follow-up with Dr. Thomajan?

You will follow-up with Dr. Thomajan 3-4 days after your surgical procedure. We will call you the evening of your surgical procedure to check on your well-being and at this point we will schedule your first post-operative appointment. Appointments after your first visit will be determined by Dr. Thomajan after first assessing your recovery.

When I need a prescription refill what do I do?

Please contact your pharmacy and have them fax a prescription refill request form to our office;
(512) 328-8903. Dr. Thomajan will determine the need for additional medication and fax his decision back to the pharmacy. Please call our office prior to expecting to arrive to receive your prescription refill. Dr. Thomajan does all that he can to accommodate your needs however, as a functioning clinic we request that you contact us to make sure Dr. Thomajan has had time to review & respond to your request.

I need to submit my FMLA paperwork; what do I do?

Please submit FMLA paperwork to our Clinical Coordinator. Please allow 48 hours for a turnaround to you or your insurance company. Our practice system is only set up to accommodate FMLA requests after your surgical procedure. We do not fill out and submit FMLA prior to your surgical case.

Do I ice or elevate after surgery and if so how often?

We suggest you ice and elevate every 20 minutes every hour for the first 2 days after surgery.

When do I start physical therapy?

Beginning a physical therapy regime typically depends upon the type of procedure you have performed. However, physical therapy usually begins 6-12 weeks after your procedure. Dr. Thomajan will monitor this closely and keep you up-to-date on your recovery and rehabilitation needs.

Can I wiggle and move my toes after surgery?

Yes, and it is imperative that you do this often and as soon as you can. However, please only wiggle and move them lightly.

I made a pre-surgical payment but I overpaid your office; when can I expect my reimbursement?

Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists reviews accounts that have overpaid our office once per month. When all money with your insurance company has cleared your account, we have all EOB’s received and all monies have been applied we will send a reimbursement check to the address you have provided for correspondence. Typically, we receive EOB information between 30 and 60 days and up to 90 days. Please call and speak to our Manager, Rhiannon, with any questions; (512) 328-8900.

Do I have to pay a copay for my post-operative visit?

Typically after surgery you are in a “global period” which is a designated time frame after surgery where certain procedures performed are part of your recovery. However, as per your insurance company all amounts are an estimate of benefits to be received and not a guarantee. You will not be responsible for your copay on the date of your visit; however, upon billing your insurance you may receive after your visit an additional statement regarding monies owed. All questions regarding why a particular visit or service were not in your global period should be directed to your customer service representative with your respective insurance company.

1Can I walk after my surgery?

  • YES – you may walk to tolerance on your post operative foot.
    •  If yes, what am I wearing on my foot?
      •  Post op Shoe (dispensed at time of surgery)
      •  CAM boot (dispensed at post op visit)
      •  Even Up (device for non-surgical foot to prevent possible Hip instability)


  •  NO – you may not place any weight on the operative limb; you must use crutches, wheelchair, walker or scooter.
    • If no, what do I have on my foot?
      • Posterior Splint
      • Fiberglass cast
      • CAM walker
      • Bandage

Contact our office with questions or concerns: (512) 328-8900. After hours press “0” for our answering service to page Dr. Thomajan.