I'm scheduling a surgical procedure with Dr. Thomajan; what should I know?

Where do we begin?

Now that we have completed your surgical consent we typically begin with a date range that does not work for your surgery. Dr. Thomajan provides surgical codes to his staff in a 24 hour turnaround protocol. Our benefits verification team will then contact your insurance for you as a courtesy. No surprises! We provide an estimate for your surgical procedure prior to booking a case with the surgical facility. The estimate will be provided to you within 24 hours if this is an emergency case and within 48 hours for an elective case. At Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists our team works very diligently for you and typically our staff will return all benefits checks prior to 24 hours.

How do I schedule my surgery?

You will receive a phone call from our Clinical Coordinator to provide the surgical estimate, collect any deductible or co-insurance amounts and pin-point a date range. From this point our Clinical Coordinator will contact the surgical facility and schedule your surgery for you. Our benefits verification team will work side-by-side with your insurance company to schedule with an in-network facility. The facility will be determined based upon who are in-network, availability and coordination of Dr. Thomajan’s pre-scheduled surgical procedures. Should you wish to request a specific facility please alert our Clinical Coordinator so that they may accommodate your request. 

When will my surgery be scheduled?

As soon as possible for emergency cases or at your convenience for elective cases. Dr. Thomajan performs surgical procedures on Wednesday mornings and Friday mornings. It is always best to provide us with a set of dates that do not work for surgery. This helps to maximize the amount of time available and broaden the date range available at the surgical facility.

How many days do I have to schedule my surgery?

You will have a 30 day window to schedule your surgery. After 30 days your surgical consent is void. After 30 days we will need to reschedule your surgical consent and you will have another office visit charge.

Why do I only have a 30 day window?

At Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists it is our goal to have you receive maximum recovery from your surgical procedure. After 30 days your surgical condition has the possibility of changing drastically. Due to this change and in our effort to supply the highest care possible we require a follow-up surgical consent to assess any changes and account for those changes prior to your surgical procedure.

Will you know what I owe the surgical facility?

We try our best to get the most accurate estimate for your surgical procedure for Dr. Thomajan’s portion. Should you wish to inquire on the surgical cost for the facility we can gladly supply all the information needed for you to contact the facility to receive a quote. Unfortunately, as we only bill for the surgeon’s associated fees we do not have access to the facilities billing information.

When I call the surgical facility what will I provide?

We will provide you with the surgical procedure codes, amount of time in the operating room, and the type of anesthesia you will require. Armed with this information you will be easily able to get an estimate from the surgical facilities billing department.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For your surgical procedure Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists accepts payment by cash, cashier’s check, credit card and CareCredit. Our Clinical Coordinator will contact you and supply the surgical estimate. Prior to scheduling your surgical procedure we kindly ask that funds are secured and paid in full. Should you wish to inquire further about CareCredit please contact our Manager at (512) 328-8900.

When will the surgical facility contact me?

In our experience most surgical facilities will contact you within 24-48 hours of your surgical procedure to discuss any prior requirements such as blood work, history and physical or surgical clearance requirements. As well, a nurse with the facility will provide directions for your specific surgical procedure including where to arrive, what time to arrive and any additional requirements. However, should you wish to speak to a nurse prior to your surgical procedure we will gladly supply contact information to you.

I was instructed to have blood work, a history and physical or surgical clearance; what do I do?

Dr. Thomajan and/or the surgical facility may request blood work, history and physical and/or surgical clearance. The surgical facility may request for a visit to draw blood and/or perform a history and physical. Otherwise, you will be referred to an outside facility for a blood draw and to your primary care physician for a history and physical and/or surgical clearance. These requirements are in no way to impede your recovery but more so to ensure your safety as a surgical candidate. It is of the utmost importance to everyone involved in your healthcare to ensure your well-being. Of course if during these components you find that you require help do not hesitate to contact us with any needs or questions.

Can my prescription be filled prior to my surgical procedure?

At Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists our practice systems allow for any medication that is prescribed for your surgical case to only be filled out and picked up from your pharmacy the day of your surgery.

Won’t I be in pain!

You will leave the surgical facility with the benefit of your anesthesia and or surgical anesthetic block still active. You will not be expected to be in any pain for hours after your surgical case. We recommend having your designated driver deliver you and your prescription to a pharmacy on your way home.

Who do I contact for additional questions?

a. Surgeon: Dr. Thomajan is your surgeon and our staff is equipped to answer your additional questions otherwise we can always schedule a time for Dr. Thomajan to speak with you.

b. Billing information, CareCredit Questions and or Concerns: Please contact our Manager Rhiannon; (512) 328-8900

c. Scheduling changes and payment: Please contact our Clinical Coordinator, Tana; 
(512) 328-8900.

d.    Surgical Facilities (facility fees, anesthesia, directions, etc):
       • South Austin Hospital (512) 447-2211
          o 901 West Ben White Blvd
       • The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center (512) 327-0000
          o 5656 Bee Cave Road 
       • South Austin Surgery Center (512) 440-7894
          o 4207 James Casey Street Suite 203
       • Seton Medical Center (512) 324-1000
          o 1201 West 38th Street 



At Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists we wish to supply you with a well rounded experience. We do trust and hope that should you require any further information that you will contact us prior to your surgical case so that we may answer any additional questions you may have. We wish you the best in your surgical journey with our practice and we will be seeing you soon!
~ Craig H. Thomajan, DPM & the Staff at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists ~



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