What are the possible complications?

Possible adverse effects of surgery include: 

- Breakage of implant or loosening from the bone

- Loosening or dislocation of implant due to trauma or loss of fixation

- Pain in operated area joint

- Decreased range of motion due to improper implant selection/positioning or joint calcification 

- Sudden drop in blood pressure intraoperatively due to use of bone cement 

- Damage to blood vessels 

- Temporary or permanent nerve damage resulting in pain or numbness of the affected limb

- Cardiovascular disorders including venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism or mycardial infarction

- Hematoma

- Delayed wound healing 

- Infection which could necessitate removal of the prosthesis 

- Implant removal or replacement due to bone resorption around implant

- Allergic reactions or metal sensitivities 

- Bone damage or frature during installation due to compromised bone quality, osteoporosis, or previous bone injury or surgery