What do I need to know about my pathology specimen?

1. Dr. Thomajan took a pathology specimen; where does it go?

Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists utilize two pathology services. The first is Podiatric specific and is the most commonly used, Bako Pathology. The second is located in town and utilized only when Bako is out-of-network with your insurance plan; Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL).
2. When can I expect my results?
Dependent upon the type of testing performed most results are available within one week following removal/excision. Dr. Thomajan’s office staff will contact you when these results are available. At that time you will be scheduled to receive your results.
3. Do I have to pay a copay for pathology results?
Per your insurance plan receipt of any type of results is a billable service. Yes, your copayment is due on every date of service including receiving pathology results. As well, your insurance company will be provided billing for an office visit as well. Please contact your insurance company to verify that this is a billable service.
4. Can’t Dr. Thomajan just call me with the results?
At Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists we strive to be as fair as possible. Our main goal is to provide services of the highest standard. In an effort to actively pursue these endeavors we are committed to being consistent. We have every patient follow the same practice guidelines. Visits are geared toward and structured to maximize your time with the doctor. Phone calls for results do not fit within this practice goal. We provide results in person and schedule you for an extensive visit to not only discuss what the pathology points to but also to thoroughly discuss epidemiology and treatment protocols. As always we appreciate your commitment to our practices and should you have any questions please contact our Practice Manager, Rhiannon at (512) 328-8900.
5. I received a bill from Bako or CPL; why?
Our team at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists will keep your treatment in-network with the specific pathology service we send your results to; however, if you receive a responsibility statement please contact your insurance first to find out why. Your insurance company will be able to explain to you any amounts not covered or applied to deductible or co-insurance. After contacting your insurance company all billing questions should be directed to the specific pathology company (i.e.…Bako or CPL). Our staff at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists does not have access to the billing systems or protocol for these specific pathology services including information on what service was billed, how it was billed or setting up payment plans.