Why does the fungus keep coming back?

You may be asked to treat the insides of your shoes, which have become contaminated by the fungus. This is to make sure that the new healthy nail doesn't become contaminated by any fungus hiding in the shoe. To prevent the fungus infection from coming back, the best offense is a good defense. We must control moisture and create a drier environment for your feet. Use powder in shoes, to absorb perspiration. Avoid synthetic or nylon socks that trap, rather than absorb perspiration. Cotton socks absorb moisture and wick it away from the skin and nails. Keeping your feet dry and protected from injury is essential to avoid any fungus infections. If you have been cutting your nails too deeply, or treating an ingrown nail on your own, this may have allowed the fungus to grow under the nail. If shoes have become contaminated while you had the condition, spraying them with a topical antifungal spray, to prevent a recurrence of the Fungal Nail condition, may sanitize them.