Ankle Sprains & the Power They Have Over Your Life!

Hello everyone, this is Rhiannon, the Practice Manager at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists. I trust and hope that you are enjoying the start of our warm and inviting city during this holiday month!

Today I’m sharing my story of how I’ve learned that an ankle sprain can totally have power over your life! Anyone that’s shared this great tragedy can attest. It’s not fun folks.

So let me start with a disclaimer: When Dr. Thomajan or Dr. John say “ladies I can’t treat your vanity but I suggest you don’t wear heals.” Man oh man, oh how I should have listened.

sophiaPicture it (Sophie from the Golden Girls channeling here ) December 1, 2012 walking from a seemingly harmless dinner on a cracked and sloped parking lot. Who would have ever have known that heels and cracks don’t get along? I fell and felt the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt before; my ankle (malleolus to be exact) literally slammed into the ground. Can you say ouch? I actually used some other choice and intelligent words to describe my pain but it is what it is.

I have had the privilege of being surrounded by Podiatrist’s the past 6 years and I knew to not remove my shoe until I got home, to automatically elevate my ankle and begin ice and compression as soon as possible. Thank goodness for that. I will include a list of do’s and do not’s here at the end for you ;)

I did learn some humble bits of information I have otherwise never experienced in my life. See I’ve never really “hurt” myself quite like that. I grew up playing tennis my entire life. I’ve never sprained and ankle or broken a bone. I sometimes can’t believe I got through my entire childhood without doing so! My “humble” appeared on Sunday morning, “oh my…how do I get to the restroom…how do I get back into bed…” how, how, how. I’m 5’10 185 lbs and I had to crawl because I could not support my own body weight on my rather engorged ankle by this point.

Now to deal with how do I get crutches? I can go to the office and borrow some but who is going to carry me into the office? Yeah: “NOT IT!” I finally rented some crutches from Walgreen’s; thank you 24 hour Walgreens.

I continued to ice and elevate as much as I could. Let me tell you I’m glad I did because less than a weekJ later I’m recovering much more quickly than I expected.

On Monday I followed up with Dr. Thomajan and Dr. John. X-rays revealed no fracture and I was on my way into a brace and a boot.

Let me say this, when you visit us (and I hope you do if this should ever (knock on wood) ever happen to you) the AT Ankle Brace that is on my foot has reduced the swelling by so much. And our lovely (proudly walking advertisement!) boots are not only lightweight but so forgiving in black scrubs :)


From Saturday to Wednesday I have to say I’m at least able to put weight on my foot. I’m able to walk with one crutch (shhh don’t say anything I need one hand to perform most of my functions in this office) and remain stable. It’s still a little tender and my is it bruised but I have to say never have I been “treated” by either of my doctors! They really do have the magic touch and no I wasn’t pressured to say that! They both not only laughed at me for wearing heels on un-even pavement but really listened when I said “ouch, it hurts.” I have every bit of confidence that they will get me better.

So what else can I share with you:

  1. If it’s the weekend, call us to schedule an appointment for Monday morning. You should definitely be seen to check for any type of fracture or otherwise. We always receive our messages on the weekend and will call you back promptly to get you on the schedule. In fact my smiling face will be calling you back!
  2. We always have a stock of crutches in the office for Monday morning. We will check to see if they are covered by your insurance company. If not we have a rental program for you so that you can get crutches to help you around more effectively.
  3. We also offer a rental agreement for a scooter. Crutches aren’t for everyone and the scooter really helps ambulation around on hard floors and wide open spaces.
  4. If it’s the weekend, don’t drag yourself around like I did, Walgreen’s can always get you a pair of “emergency” crutches to rent. When you are ready to try ours out or try the scooter you simply return the crutches to Walgreen’s with your original receipt and they reimburse you the set amount you set up prior.
  5. Ice. Elevate. Compress. Simple steps to follow for a tremendous outcome. On the plus side, get someone else to vacuum for the week! Oh I also found that popcorn tastes pretty good on the couch with my foot up, ha-ha.
  6. Most definitely rest assured, when Monday comes along and you are seen quickly, remember you are in the right hands!

I welcome your questions or comments. I do hope this doesn’t happen to any of our patients or readers but if it should trust that Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists is here to genuinely SERVE you!

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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