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Deep vein thrombosis / DVT / Traveler's Thrombosis

During the Traveling and Holiday Season, we want you to be prepared for the possibel risks involved in developing a Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Be aware of DVT/PE risk factors.

Risk factors include:
· Birth control pills/hormone replacement therapy
· Pregnancy/recent childbirth (6 weeks)
· Overweight/obesity
· Inactivity
· Prolonged bed rest
· Cancer patients
· Recent injury/surgery/fracture
· Family/patient history of DVT/PE
· Patient history of myocardial infarction or stroke
· Age > 40 · Autoimmune disorders (e.g., lupus)
· Genetic coagulation disorders
· Varicose veins
· Heart or respiratory failure
· Inflammatory bowel disease
· Long plane flight or car trip
· Smoking
· Central venous catheterization

Be aware of signs and symptoms of DVT and a more severe complications call Pulmonary Embolism. *

· Pain and swelling of lower extremity
· Skin warmth/redness
· Chest pain
· Coughing up blood
· Fainting/feeling light headed
· Feelings of anxiety/restlessness
· Rapid pulse
· Shortness of breath
· Sweating

* Note: Symptoms are not present in as many as 50% of DVT cases

If you beleive that you are affected by any of the following symptoms seek medical attenion immediately at the closest hospital emergenecy room.