Specialties of the Austin Foot Experts

Quality builders spend their time ensuring a strong foundation, so their buildings will stand the test of time. It is that same attention to detail and pursuit of excellence in podiatry that you can expect each time you visit Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists. Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS understands that your feet have a long, exciting journey ahead of them. Along with their expert staff, these foot specialists do their best to ensure that your foundation will carry you well and without pain.

Visit the Austin experts with specialties in foot surgery, sports injury, bunions, hammertoes, and ankle conditions. Highly trained and always up-to-date, we’ve redefined podiatry. We value our patients, whether they have simple conditions or need complex surgeries. Answering questions and thoroughly explaining conditions and treatment options are just two ways that we put these promises into practice.

Check out the valuable information we’ve provided about our specialties, and call (512) 328-8900 with any questions that you may have. Schedule an appointment by phone, or choose our convenient online booking. We look forward to helping you to regain solid footing.

Services We ProvideServices We Provide

At Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists, our podiatrists believe in providing the best possible care for our patients. Our state-of-the-art methods, expertise knowledge, and advanced technologies allow us to provide the utmost care for those who are in pain.

Surgery, regenerative medicine, MLS laser therapy, fungal nail laser treatment, and orthotics and braces. Each of these methods and technologies is designed to assist and treat foot and ankle problems. Should you realize that you need any of one of these services we offer, we are here and more than happy to help. Give us a call today and we can schedule an appointment with you.

Common ConditionsCommon Conditions

Feet can hurt for a wide variety of reasons, from sports injuries and infections to nerve problems, joint disorders, bad biomechanics, and a whole lot more. Correctly identifying the source of the pain, then providing exactly the treatment you need, is our mission. Our team of highly educated and trained specialists are here to relieve your pain and get you better, faster, so you can go back to enjoying your daily activities.

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