Zap Fungal Nails with Laser Treatment

HyperBlue 1530

Lasers used to be the stuff futuristic sci-fi movies were made of, but at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists, this technology is a modern day method used not to destroy the planet Earth but rather fungal toenails!

Toenail fungus can be stubborn and difficult to treat, but our HyperBlue Diode laser treatment can zero in on the infection with pin point accuracy, eliminating the invasive fungi without damaging any of the surrounding tissues.

When Fungi Attack

Keeping nails healthyThis unsightly, and often uncomfortable, condition starts when micro-organisms find their way under the toenail, typically as a result of a small cut or separation of the nail from the bed. Once the infection takes hold, the tissues begin to break down causing your nail to become thick, brittle, discolored, and even distorted. Left untreated, the infection can spread, as well as cause pain and emit a foul odor. Topical treatments have difficulty penetrating the nail and are rarely effective. Not to worry, though. When fungi attack, we can come to the rescue!

How to Fight Back

Laser treatment for fungal nails uses concentrated, intense light beams to travel through the nail and destroy the fungus at its origin, vaporizing the infected tissue while leaving everything around it unharmed.  This technique is safe, painless, and fast, with little known side effects and no down time required. In severe cases, multiple treatments may be necessary to completely eradicate the infection and allow a new, healthy nail to regrow.

Super Powers to Save the Day

The powerful HyperBlue 1530 laser used here at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists is FDA-approved and can be adjusted to focus as narrow or as wide as necessary, depending on the extent of the infection’s invasion. With several modes of operation, this efficient and effective therapy can be tailored to meet the needs of your unique feet and toenails. Painlessly penetrating the nail to destroy the fungi underneath takes just minutes. However keep in mind that a healthy, new nail typically takes several months to fully grow in and replace the old, damaged one.

With a little patience and a little help from our team, led by Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS, you’ll go from hiding your toes to showing them off in no time!

Return of the Fungi?

Wearing shoes in public places is an easy way to keep your feet clean and keep fungal toenails from happening.

Unfortunately, once you have gotten rid of toenail fungus, you can still get it again—a sequel no one wants to see! So, we suggest taking some preventative measures:

  • Keep feet clean and dry
  • Trim nails straight across and even with the tips of your toes
  • Wear moisture-wicking socks and shoes that breathe
  • Rotate your shoes, giving them time to air out
  • Treat your feet and footwear with anti-fungal spray or powder
  • Never go barefoot in public places like gym locker rooms and showers or community pool

If you are struggling with fungal toenails, it’s time you take control. Call (512) 328-8900 to reach our Austin, TX office. Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS is always happy to help keep your feet safe from invading infections! Contact us today.

Treatment Rate
Platinum Premier Package: 3 Treatment Protocol
Best Value. All 10 toes.
Gold Package: 3 Treatment Protocol
Treatment of 3-5 toes.
Silver Package: 3 Treatment Protocol
Treatment for 2 toes.
Bronze Package: 3 Treatment Protocol
Treatment for 1 toes.
Maintenance 4th Treatment
Additional treatment for same location. For treatment up to 5 Toes. Must be scheduled 12 months after first treatment.
Don't Forget! Resupply of Topical anti-fungal, Stanitizer Shoe Sprays, Renewed Nail for Clear and Bright Toenails are also available at any office dispensary.   


If you have a Health Savings Account or Medical IRA, 100 percent of the cost can be covered. However, in most situations, this procedure is considered aesthetic and therefore health insurance plans do not provide coverage. Please contact Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists for more details.​​Blue Shine
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Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
Founder and Managing Partner of Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists