Athlete’s Foot Is A Fungal Infection That Is Not Just For Athletes Athlete’s foot is a very common foot infection in people of all ages and is not limited to athletes.  Also known as tinea pedis, it is a fungal infection that can be itchy and painful.  It is often contracted in locker rooms or other places where people walk barefoot.  Fungus thrives in dark, moist environments and therefore can also be contracted while wearing shoes.  If treated properly with an anti-fungal medication, athlete’s foot can be cured within a matter of days.  If the skin on your feet is itchy, irritated or flaky, you should call an experienced podiatrist like Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS to have it examined.  You do not want the condition to worsen or to spread the infection to others.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and think you may have athlete’s foot, give the Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists a call at 512-328-8900 for more information.