Diagnosing Pain in the Ball of Your Foot

When you experience pain anywhere on your feet, it can greatly disrupt your life and your ability to participate in the activities you enjoy. Typically, when you have pain in the ball of your foot, it is referred to as a condition called metatarsalgia. This is a condition that typically occurs underneath the ball of your second toe joint and is characterized by pain and inflammation.


Another cause of pain in the ball of your foot is a condition that is more subtle and takes more specific diagnosis in order to treat. It’s an injury called a plantar plate injury, and it is a condition that's important not to miss. The plantar plate is a strong ligament at the bottom of your second toe joint which helps to stabilize the joint, preventing your second toe from drifting up in the air or going off to one side or the other. This specific condition needs to be diagnosed accurately in order to be able to get the best treatment plan to take care of it.


If you’ve been having issues related to the ball of your foot, give Drs. Craig Thomajan and Shine John a call at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists. One of our experts will be able to accurately diagnose you and get you on a treatment plan that works to treat your specific conditon. Don't delay in scheduling your appointment today.

Dr. Shine John, DPM, FACFAS
Podiatric Physician, Surgeon, Specialist at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists