How To Treat a Sprained Ankle | Prevent Chronic Ankle Instability Chronic ankle instability is a condition that patients suffer from if they’ve had more than one ankle sprain in the last year or several over their lifetime and did not treat the injury properly.  If you stretch or strain a ligament on the outside of your ankle and don’t treat it carefully, the tissues could heal in their stretched state.  If this happens, you will be much more prone to rolled ankles.  If you sprain your ankle, the first thing you should do is rest it, ice it, compress it and elevate it.  If you are still having pain 24-36 hours after an ankle sprain, you should call a podiatrist to have the injury evaluated.  We encourage you to browse the free resources on our website and don’t hesitate to call the Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists at 512-328-8900.