Is Running Barefoot Good or Bad For My Feet? The barefoot running fad is sweeping the nation but it is for everyone?  From the research we’ve done and the studies we’ve read, we believe only about 10% of the population should be running barefoot all of the time.  It is possible to work barefoot running into an exercise plan to strengthen then muscles of your lower legs and feet but it must be done slowly and carefully. 

The fad was started by an author named Chris McDougall who wrote a book called “Born to Run”.  In it, he describes the amazing running abilities of the Tarahumara Indians who are indigenous to northern Mexico. They are renowned for their athletic and running prowess, which occasionally requires them to run up to 120 miles at a time.  These people have been running barefoot for hundreds of years and have adapted to their terrain.  Urban and suburban America was designed for cars, not barefoot runners.  If you have questions about barefoot running or have been injured while doing so, give Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS of Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists a call for more information at 512-328-8900.