Running and Triathlon Injuries In Austin, Texas The Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists of Austin, Texas has a team of podiatrists that serve the competitive and recreational runners, marathoners and triathletes of Texas.  The injuries that these athletes typically encounter are unique to their sport and require the attention of trained sports medicine podiatrist.  The Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists see sports injuries ranging from swelling and pain in the feet to sprained ankles, plantar fasciitis and chronic heel pain to much more serious injuries.  There are a number of treatments available for all of these injuries including home exercise programs, physical therapy, injections and if necessary, surgery.  Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS has the experience and knowledge to diagnose and prescribe the write treatment plan for your running injury.  For more information, call us today at 512-328-8900.