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At Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists, we often see a variety of foot, skin, and nail pathologies. Most common are fungal or dystrophic nails that can affect any toe on the foot. Dr. Craig H. Thomajan  also commonly sees skin infections, which are often attributed to Athlete's foot, or what is referred to as Tinea Pedis, which is a condition that results in itching, peeling, burning skin.

The experts at Austin Foot and Ankle have a protocol for skin surveillance. If you've noticed a very suspicious lesion on your foot or ankle that has changed color, shape or size, a definitive diagnosis might be necessary. This is completed through a small punch biopsy that we can take from your skin.

If you are suffering from a condition that is affecting your feet, skin, or nails, contact the podiatrists at Austin Foot and Ankle, we'd love to determine the source of your problem and help you get better! 

Dr. Craig H. Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS
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