What Is Gout, Why Do I Get Gout and How Do I Treat Gout?

http://www.austinfootandankle.com/ Are you wondering, “What is gout?” or “How do I treat gout?” In this informative video, Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS, an Austin podiatrist of Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists, explains what gout is, how you get gout, and how to treat gout.

Gout is a metabolic condition which causes a buildup of uric acid in your big toe. Gout can occur in any joint, but usually occurs in the large toe. Gout occurs because the person’s body either overproduces uric acid or does not excrete uric acid. The uric acid then travels through their blood stream. The big toe is the furthest joint from the heart and is slightly cooler than other joints, so when the blood reaches this joint, the blood cools slightly and the uric acid crystalizes and settles into the toe.

This settling of uric acid into the big toe can be extremely painful. Something as negligible as the air from a ceiling pain can cause excruciating pain. If you understand this type of pain, please know that you don’t have to continue suffering. Gout is most commonly treated with medication, but the cause of your gout must first be identified in order to determine the proper treatment regimen. At Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists, we can identify what kind of gout you have, what is causing your gout, and develop a treatment plan—as well as a plan for future prevention. Contact our office at 512.328.8900 to learn how we can help you. http://www.austinfootandankle.com/