What is Sinus Tarsi Syndrome?

Sinus Tarsi Syndrome is a condition that many patients mistake as a problem with the ankle. The condition actually stems from a joint below the ankle that allows for movement on unstable surfaces, such as walking on the sand or trail running. This joint allows you to adapt to changing surfaces, especially when they’re not even.

Sinus Tarsi Syndrome is an inflammation inside this joint that leads to pain, typically located on the outer part of your foot, and usually thought of as being part of an ankle sprain. However, this pain has nothing to do with an ankle sprain - it’s a condition all of its own.

It is a condition that is often misdiagnosed or missed, causing further pain and complications later. At Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists, we look towards the Sinus Tarsi to see whether it is the source of your pain. If you've sustained an injury or have pain coming from just below your ankle that is lingering and you don’t understand why, contact the podiatrists at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists today.

Dr. Shine John, DPM, FACFAS
Podiatric Physician, Surgeon, Specialist at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists