Foot with a bunion. If you plan on getting around in Austin, TX, a map can prove to be quite beneficial. Sure, you can use a smartphone to guide you while driving, but researching in advance allows you to know what to expect. This is quite similar to preparing for a surgical procedure. You need to understand that exercising after bunion surgery is part of the journey to the final destination of full recovery.

Surgery is not a medical treatment to take lightly. When considering this as a way to treat a painful bunion, it is helpful to know what the recovery process entails. Here is a snapshot of post-surgical physical therapy:

  • You will actually start your postsurgical time with rest, but around the third week we will get you started on some simple stretching exercises. These are essentially just a matter of using your fingers to gently move your toe up and down.
  • By weeks five and six, we will increase the frequency of your stretching. If everything is cooperating as it should, we also might have you use a little more force during the stretches.
  • Once you start getting to seven weeks after the procedure it becomes time to start with weight-bearing exercises. This can include lifting your heel up while keeping the big toe on the ground.
  • After full recovery, you still need to be vigilant about keeping your toes limber. There are various exercises that can help with this, like using your toes to pick up marbles or to grasp a towel that is spread on the floor and pull it under your feet. Another great way to continue strengthening your toes is to go for a walk on the beach.

Here at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists, our hope is that your bunion condition can be treated successfully with the use of conservative methods. When this isn’t the case, you will find comfort in the fact that you have Austin’s top podiatrists ready to handle your surgical procedure. We not only bring our vast expertise to your bunion surgery, but our experts also walk with you through every step of your recovery.

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