An active lifestyle keeps you fit and focused. In fact, you may feel almost invincible when performing at your peak. That last burst of adrenaline can carry you well beyond the end of your workout. While none of us are Greek gods or superheroes, it’s true that we all share something in common with at least one of them—the Achilles tendon.

The warrior Achilles only had one weakness, but it led to his downfall. Many weekend and road warriors experience trouble with this tendon – the largest in the body – as well. While the result is less dramatic than that of this mythical figure, many find themselves sidelined with pain.

What Are the Symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis?

You won’t experience a literal arrow in the heel, but the pain from this overuse injury can be very intense—especially the day after a workout. Most patients describe discomfort behind the heel along with swelling and decreased mobility. The pain typically heightens during active times, and it may also be worse in the morning. A popping sensation should never be ignored, since it can indicate that the tendon has ruptured. If this occurs, call our office right away.

Diagnose, Treat, and Get Back on Track

Don’t waste time trying to figure out the cause of your discomfort on your own. Work with our knowledgeable team to end your pain. Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS offers excellence in podiatry to his Austin, TX neighbors. Visit our office for diagnosis, treatment, and a plan to get you back on track.

Imaging technology will assist our podiatrists in diagnosing your pain. Treatment for a condition of the Achilles tendon may include casting or other immobilization techniques, icing, splinting, anti-inflammatory medications for some patients, custom orthotics, and physical therapy. These conservative measures are often successful; however, there are times when surgical intervention is necessary.

Listen to Your Feet

Foot pain doesn’t have to be your fate. Take steps to prevent painful Achilles tendonitis before it starts, and respond to distress signals sent by your feet. The longer you wait to address the pain, the longer your recovery time.

Consider the types of workouts that you enjoy, and try mixing in low-impact exercises with your high-impact favorites. Always ease into a new routine, and never exercise without warming up first and stretching afterward. Focus on the calf muscles, which are crucial to the optimal functioning of the Achilles tendon.

How long has it been since you replaced your shoes? Worn-out footwear is one of the leading contributors to pain in the feet and ankles. If you’re still wearing your favorites from five years ago, plan a shoe shopping trip today! Visit a trusted store with a wide selection to find the best fit for your unique foot. Tired of guessing which shoe is best for you? After evaluating your feet, the experts at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists can recommend the best footwear for your arch type.

Are You Looking for an Achilles Tendinitis Specialist in Austin, TX?

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