Nerve pain can be a very concerning condition, especially when you are experiencing it in your feet and ankles. Nerve pain that interferes with your lower extremities can impair your mobility and ability to detect injuries to your feet as well.

Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists is proud to offer treatments and management options for nerve pain, including our advanced Neurogenx method.

What Is Neurogenx?

Neruogenx is a safe, technologically advanced method for addressing the pain, discomfort, and other commonly associated symptoms of nerve damage. It is not invasive and involves no surgical procedures, but instead the application of electronic signals.

How Does Neurogenx Work?

A Neurogenx procedure starts by attaching electrodes to specific areas in the feet and legs. A local anesthetic might also be administered via injection.

Electrical signals will then begin to be transmitted through the electrodes and following the course of your nerves. Many of these transmissions will occur at such a high frequency that the nerves will not detect or register them.

The frequency and amplitude of these signals will change over the course of a session (about 30 minutes) to stimulate the nerves. This should not be painful, but may occasionally cause some discomfort.

The stimulation caused by Neurogenx is intended to reduce swelling, relieve pain, encourage cellular repair, and increase removal of excess wastes and fluids from the site of neuropathy.

What Types of Nerve Conditions Can Neurogenx Help With?

This method of treatment can provide positive effects with many causes of nerve pain. These may include:

  • Neuropathy as a result of diabetic complications.
  • Nerve pain resulting from physical trauma.
  • Restless leg syndrome.
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Side effects from medications and chemotherapy treatments.
  • Effects of infections and disease.
  • Complex regional pain syndrome.
  • Radiculopathy

Nerve damage can lead to more than just pain. It can also lead to other sensations and even numbness. Neurogenx can often help with these situations as well and help restore proper sensation to the feet. This is crucial to keeping your feet healthy, as injuries you do not feel happening have a greater opportunity of becoming worse.

Is Neurogenx the Best Form of Nerve Pain Treatment?

While Neurogenx has a high (80%+) rate of effectiveness with patients, it is not the only form of nerve pain treatment, and it may not necessarily be the best form of treatment in all instances.

Every patient has different needs depending on their medical history, lifestyle, and individual needs. All of this is taken into account when we make our recommendations for a nerve pain treatment plan.

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