Here’s the scenario….You rise from a restful night’s sleep, step out of bed, and experience a sharp, stabbing pain in your heel. It hurts so bad that your hop back into bed or have to grab the bed or wall for balance. You gingerly proceed and the pain begins to subside as you attempt to hobble into the bathroom. As you continue throughout your morning routine the pain dissipates, only to return again, to a lesser degree after sitting for a period of time. If this scenario sounds familiar, you have experienced post-static dyskinesia.

The phrase post-static dyskinesia is just a medical term referring to pain that occurs after rest. While it can occur throughout your body, it is most often associated with heel pain. You may be wondering why in the world this would happen to you first thing in the morning? You have just been sleeping, and barring a sleep-walking incident, could not have injured your foot.  

The injury actually comes with that first step out of bed. When you are sleeping, your foot relaxes and rests in a ‘plantarflexed’, or downward position. This position releases tension on the plantar fascia, a large ligament that spans from your heel to the ball of your foot. Over a good night’s rest, this ligament shortens, and with your first step out of bed yanks at the insertion on your heel. If you have ever had a tendon or ligament injury, you can appreciate how this can cause excruciating pain. This acute injury leads to inflammation and pain at the heel.

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For your Austin Podiatrists, it is one of the more common foot ailments we see in our office. Too often, the problem is ignored and can become a chronic problem before you seek help. The longer you wait to visit Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists the more difficult it can be to treat. Initial treatments include anti-inflammatory medication and icing to decrease the pain and inflammation. Additionally, you will be given a packet that outlines stretching and strengthening. Also, a night splint will help keep your plantar fascia from becoming contracted while you sleep. In some cases, a visit to Three Lakes Physical Therapy is warranted as well. Treating heel pain early is the best way to get you back to stepping out of bed pain-free!

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