High Heels & Foot PainThere they are in the window of one of Austin’s unique shops—those new high heels you’ve had your eye on for weeks! They have your size too. You just have to have them, but wait! Before you splurge, listen to this:  statistics show that high heels are one of the leading causes of female foot pain. Sure they make your legs look long and slender, and your posture appear perfect, but those stylish stilettos can cause some serious harm.

When you put your feet in pointy pumps you are squishing your toes and bending them into unnatural positions. You also redistribute your weight, placing an abundance of pressure on the ball of your foot and heel. All of this can result in a wide range of problems from bunions, to hammertoes, to nerve damage, to ingrown toenails—and that’s just the beginning. High heels can force your Achilles tendon to shorten and tighten, resulting in tendonitis or plantar fasciitis, and these can send a ripple effect that extends along your entire body, causing pain in your legs, back, knees, and hips.

You don’t have to say “so long” to your whole collection, though. Moderation is key. Save these styles for special occasions or for days you know won’t involve a lot of standing or walking. For the majority of days, opt for a more sensible, lower-heeled style that fit as good as they look. Go ahead and slip in a soft insole for added cushion and support too. Incorporate some foot stretches into your daily routine as well, to keep your feet flexible and strong. That way, when you do strap on the heels, you are less likely to encounter problems.

Don’t let your sense of style keep you from stepping out pain-free. Be smart with your shoe selection. For more information, or for help with existing foot pain, visit Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists in Austin TX today. Just call (512) 328-8900 for an appointment with Dr. Craig H. Thomajan DPM, FACFAS.

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