Here in Austin, we’ve got a whole lineup of road races throughout the year – plenty of opportunities to go after that PR of yours! If you’re an avid runner, or any athlete for that matter, you’d be interested to know that a simple device that fits on your shoe can actually improve athletic performance! We’re talking about custom orthotics, and yes, they really can boost your ability to reach your goals! Here’s how:

How Orthotics Improve Athletic performance

Custom orthotics are designed to fit not only your unique foot, but also your unique needs. Everyone’s feet are different, and varying foot structures can affect your biomechanics, and unfortunately make you prone to problems. Orthotics can address issues that negatively affect your gait, keeping your foot in proper alignment, controlling motion, and providing support, so you not only step correctly, but more efficiently as well. The result is better form, greater propulsion, an increased ability to absorb shock, a lower risk of injury, reduced fatigue, and improved comfort. All this, in turn, leads to better performance.

Orthotics can also redirect pressure away from problem areas such as bunions or painful heels or balls of the feet. Taking your mind off these trouble spots allows you to stay focused on performing your best as well.

So, you see, orthotics really can improve athletic performance and help you achieve your PR! Find out if a custom pair could benefit you by scheduling an appointment with our Austin, TX office at (512) 328-8900. We’ll be happy to design orthotics to meet your needs so you can slip ‘em in your shoes before your next race or activity. Then, be sure to let us know how much your performance improves!

Are You Considering Custom Orthotics in Austin, TX?

If you are considering custom orthotics, you should reach out to an experienced podiatristAustin Foot and Ankle Specialists can help. Our office provides a wide variety of advanced, effective treatment options for all kinds of painful conditions. Ready to schedule an appointment? Contact us online or call our Austin office at 512.328.8900.

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