If you suffer a bad broken leg or, say, severe appendicitis or pancreatitis, you don’t have too much choice in terms of your medical options—surgery, as quickly as possible, is what you need.

Bunion SurgeryBunions are different. Although they can cause significant pain, discomfort, and embarrassment, many people choose to live with them for years or even decades, putting off surgery until daily activities become nearly unbearable—or beyond. Since you have a lot of freedom and choice to determine when, or if, you should schedule a bunion surgery, it’s natural to wonder: how will I know it’s time?

The first question to ask is whether or not you’ve attempted conservative remedies, and for how long. Conservative care won’t affect the shape of your foot. The bump will still be present, but depending on your situation it may relieve painful symptoms and allow you to manage your day to day activities without restriction.

In general, we recommend patients attempt conservative treatments for several months first, before recommending a surgical procedure. If you can avoid surgery entirely and still live a healthy, active lifestyle that you’re happy with, great! However, if pain remains persistent, surgery is likely your best option for long-term relief.

Once it’s clear that it’s time for surgical correction, our team will discuss the selected procedure with you, as well as the typical timeline for recovery and rehabilitation. This information can help you tremendously when selecting the best date for your surgery. We know it isn’t always possible for everybody, but the more preparations you can make and help you can lineup beforehand can make the post-operative process much smoother and less stressful for you! For example, rearranging your home so that you can sleep on the ground floor, finding a time when you can take a few weeks off from work, or making sure you have a friend or loved one who can help you with daily tasks those first few days.

The professionals at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists have one goal—we want to do what’s best for you. We stress the value of conservative care and see surgery as a last resort, but we also know when it’s time for a more aggressive approach. If you aren’t sure about whether it’s time for bunion surgery, come in and see us. Better yet, see us long before you get to that point—the earlier you seek treatment, the more likely conservative care will be effective in the first place.

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