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Have you heard about Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventures here in Austin? They’re a fun way to explore all the great sights, historic places, and hidden gems of our city! Of course, if you have hammertoes, you’ll likely be scavenging at a pretty slow pace, and all you’ll end up hunting for is relief from your pain! Between the stiff, crooked toe joints of hammertoes, and the corns and calluses that form because of them, wearing shoes at all is uncomfortable, much less running around town! Not to worry, though -- help is on the way!

First, treat your toe to some TLC at home. Do stretches to encourage your toe to lay flat. Even just repetitions of uncurling it and holding it down will help. Use a toe splint at night to hold your toe in the proper position. Go shoe shopping! Restock your closet with footwear that offers plenty of room in the toe box – both in width and depth. When you do head out, try taping your toe to its neighbor for a little support, and use padding to protect it from friction caused by rubbing against the inside of your shoe. This will reduce your risk of corns and calluses developing on the crooked toe joints and tips of your toes. Also, ice and medication can help with any swelling or pain after a long day on your feet. Finally, if you try all these hammertoe treatments, but still can’t find relief, come in and we can discuss surgical options. Procedures vary depending on the severity of your deformity, however, hammertoe surgeries are not complicated and you can recover much faster than you might think.

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