Austin, TX is ripe with activities for just about anyone, even those inclined to take to the skies…indoors! If you want the experience of skydiving without the risk of splattering on the ground, iFly indoor skydiving is for you. Their facility has a vertical wind tunnel that enables you to safely float on air. Some activities do not provide the same adrenaline rush at this, but can still make you feel better – like ones for loosening up your stiff big toe.

Breaking down the medical term for this condition, “hallux” refers to your big toe and “rigidus” indicates the fact it is stiff. There are activities you can do to help with this problem. (The experience at iFly, unfortunately, isn’t one of them.)

  • Flexion extension exercise – In order to restore your range of motion, start by pulling your toe into a straight position and then gently bend it up and down with your fingers. This is easiest if you place your affected foot across the opposite knee. On each bend, hold it in place for 20-30 seconds.
  • Flexibility exercise – With your foot still on the opposite knee, gently pull on your toe as though you were attempting to pull it out of the socket. Maintain that slight level of tension and slowly rotate your big toe clockwise, and then counterclockwise.
  • Dorsiflexion exercise – Still with your foot on the knee, simply bend your toe back as far as it will go and hold for 20-30 seconds before releasing.
  • Abduction and adduction exercise – Spread your toes as wide apart as possible without using your hands. Hold for 10-15 seconds. Follow by pressing them together, still without the use of your hands, and hold for 10-15 seconds. Repeat this sequence three times.

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