Overall, the risks are very low. This is one of the safest treatments we offer.

Mild side effects might include a bit of tenderness or redness at the injection site, lasting at most a couple of days after the procedure. No major side effects have been reported. Again, this is largely due to the immunoprivileged nature of perinatal tissue.

Remember as well that this tissue is only taken from scheduled C-sections, so doctors have a lot of time in advance to make sure the donor tissue is healthy. That’s followed by rigorous secondary screening, sterilization, and cryopreservation. By the time the tissue is ready to be used as an injectable, the risk of any contamination is remote.

Furthermore, because perinatal tissue injections do not require any kind of accompanying injection of medications (including anesthesia), there’s really nothing else that could cause any kind of adverse reaction. All of the “ingredients” being injected are natural components that your body already uses anyway.

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