Identifying Nerve PainIs sharp, zinging pain getting on your nerves? We have a surprise for you: the problem could very well be just that—your nerves. That’s even if another podiatrist or doctor has told you otherwise.

Nerves in the feet and ankles can be damaged, pinched, or compressed for a number of reasons—sports injuries, structural inefficiencies in the bones of your lower leg, dietary deficiencies, even repetitive motions or actions. These nerve compression conditions often produce sharp, zinging pain, potentially alongside other symptoms like tingling, prickling, burning, or numbness.

Unfortunately, nerve problems in feet often go undiagnosed or—even worse—misdiagnosed due to overlapping symptoms and a lack of training in nervous system issues among many physicians. For example, tarsal tunnel syndrome (a condition in which a nerve passing through a narrow space in the ankle is painfully pinched) is frequently misidentified as plantar fasciitis due to similar symptoms, even though the ultimate source of the pain could hardly be more different! Of course, without a correct diagnosis, any treatment you receive won’t do anything except cost you money and increase your frustration.

If you’re suffering from zinging and shooting pain in your feet and ankles—especially if other doctors and other treatments (even surgery!) haven’t been able to help—we urge you to make an appointment with Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists. Dr. Craig Thomajan, DPM, FACFAS is a specialist in peripheral nerve treatment and surgery, and our office provides advanced diagnostic technology (such as sensory testing, EMG, nerve conduction velocities (NCV) testing, digital imaging, and biopsies) to positively identify painful nerve issues and develop a treatment plan that works. If nothing has worked in the past, don’t lose hope—this could be the answer you’re looking for.

To schedule an appointment, please call (512) 328-8900 today. You can also request an appointment and follow-up from our staff by completing our online contact form.

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