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Austin, TX is home to the Toros, the NBA Development League that feeds into the San Antonio Spurs. If you haven’t seen a game, there’s a full schedule of match-ups in January. This is a great opportunity to see the players that may eventually play on the big courts of the NBA and to watch some current Spurs’ stars who are recovering from an injury. A stress fracture of the foot or ankle is one of the culprits that can send a player down to the development level, and off the court completely, if ignored.

Stress fractures are overuse injuries that result in a cracked bone. Athletes are extremely susceptible because they pound their feet repeatedly during play. Consider all of the jumping, turning, running, and stopping that your favorite NBA or collegiate basketball players endure during the course of a game. In essence, the muscles get so tired that they aren’t able to shield the bone from the extra stress. Instead, that impact is absorbed by the bone directly.

Athletes aren’t the only ones prone to this injury. Anyone who plays sports, or exercises regularly can incur a fracture of this type. Changing how often, how hard, and how much you are working out can also be factors. Because pain often begins over time, these injuries may be ignored at first. Eventually, the pain will worsen, and you’re likely to notice that the area is swollen and sensitive.

This type of fracture can be treated without surgical intervention in many cases; however, it takes patient cooperation. Rest is a must, and many people have a difficult time staying off the affected foot. There’s good news—you can stay active, but you must switch to an activity that doesn’t involve stress on the foot. Consider heading to the pool, or possibly using a stationary bike. An immobilizer may be used, or another type of shoe that will guard against further injury.

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