Nerve Pain

The idea of nerve surgery can conjure up some concerns. However, living life with nerve pain and other symptoms of nerve damage -- like tingling, burning, and numbness -- is not preferable either. There does come a point when nerve surgery needs to be considered in order to ensure you can enjoy a good quality of life.

Knowing it’s time comes down to three main considerations:

  1. Nothing you try seems to be helping to relieve your symptoms. Conservative treatment options such as exercise, massage or physical therapy, and medications, among others should decrease symptoms within a few months. If they have not, you may need surgical intervention.

  2. Symptoms not only aren’t improving, they’re actually getting worse. This is definitely a sign a surgical procedure is in order.

  3. You are unable to participate in favorite or daily activities. When nerve pain is getting in the way of doing the things you enjoy, or even accomplishing everyday tasks, your lifestyle is being significantly impacted in a negative way and surgical correction may be the only solution to restore your quality of life.   

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