Running long distances, such as marathons, asks a lot of your body. If we believe the story from ancient Greece, the individual who ran the extended distance to report victory of the Battle of Marathon died shortly after arrival due to exhaustion. The modern marathon may only be a tenth the distance of that feat, it is still a challenge for your body, especially your feet. The pressure of a single foot striking the ground with the full force of your body can have damaging effects over 26.2 miles.

Fractures require immobilization while they heal and are the most limiting of any foot injury. Good nutrition and a balanced diet, including vitamins C & D, are crucial for good bone health. By training properly and slowly increasing the distance you run over weeks and months, you give your body the chance to build the bones up stronger allowing them to stand up against the new challenges. Cramping and tendonitis can also be avoided by building up to long runs and not doing too much, too quickly. If you have given yourself able time adapt to the new distance, the problem may arise from the structure of your foot. This just means your foot needs extra support in the right places. Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists have shoe recommendations for your foot structure or you may find that you benefit greatly from a simple over-the-counter arch support. Some feet may require customized orthosis to provide this support. 

Calluses and blisters occur when there is too much friction between your foot and the sock and shoe. Poor fitting shoes can result in these problems as well as blackened toenails. All three of these are a result of a repeated trauma to the area of the foot. To avoid them, wear good socks with proper padding and make sure your shoe is a good fit.

Even if you are a regular runner make sure you take every step to prepare your feet for a marathon. While prevention can be the best cure sometimes, don’t hesitate to contact your Austin podiatrist if foot or ankle pain is affecting your marathon training.

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