At one time or another, we all may have trimmed our toenails a little too short and allowed the corners to painfully poke into the skin.  Women’s tennis player Victoria Azarenka missed out on a tennis match that would have paid handsomely due to a ‘bad pedicure experience’.  Every stride of your run will remind you that you did wrong by your feet. 

You or someone trimming your nails too short is not the only culprit.  Another reason you may experience an ingrown nail is family genetics that causes your nail corners to grow down instead of out as well as poor-fitting shoes, high heels, or athletic cleats.   Too often our shoes narrow at the toes while our feet do not. This puts pressure on the nail's edges specifically the middle side of your big toes. At the onset of persistent discomfort, a visit with your Austin podiatrist will allow the problem to be addressed promptly and avoid more complicated problems.

We have warned before about the dangers of self-treatment or ‘bathroom surgery’. While you may be pressed for time or feel you can easily resolve the issue on your own, attempting to remove the offending nail at home can easily lead to infection.  The clippers you used may not have looked dirty, but they were definitely unsterile.  Any time there is a break in the skin your body normally harmless bacteria have a chance to become problematic.  When left untreated long enough, the infection can become worse requiring antibiotics, tetanus shots, or in the worst cases hospitalization with intravenous medications.  This last case may occur infrequently, but few of us care to spend a few days in the hospital.

While you may not lose out on fifty to a hundred thousand dollars like the tennis player we cited early, we doubt you can or care to be hospitalized for any period of time.  The time off your feet required for healing will be minimal with proper podiatric care. To allow for minimal disruption to your running routine, make an appointment at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists at the first sign of a nail problem.

Are You Looking for an Ingrown Toenail Specialist in Austin, TX?

If you are looking for ingrown toenail care, you should reach out to an experienced podiatristAustin Foot and Ankle Specialists can help. Our office provides a wide variety of advanced, effective treatment options for all kinds of painful conditions. Ready to schedule an appointment? Contact us online or call our Austin office at 512.328.8900.

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