In the summer, bugs can really, well, bug you! They fly around your head, land on you, and even bite – persistent little pests, aren’t they? Well, athlete’s foot is another summer visitor that is often persistent as well, but unfortunately you can’t just swat it away!

Once this fungal infection takes hold, it’s difficult to get rid of so taking some proactive measures for preventing athlete’s foot can go a long way toward an itchy-free summer (minus the bug bites of course).

First off, don’t go barefoot in warm, damp places like locker rooms, gym showers, or pool decks. Slip on some sandals so the fungus won’t find you! You can also deter the fungus that causes athlete’s foot by applying anti-fungal powder or spray to both your feet and your footwear. Keeping your feet, as well as your socks and shoes, clean and dry will make for a less fungus-friendly environment, too.

If you do happen to spot signs of a red, itchy rash, often starting between the toes, don’t wait for the problem to spread or blister! Treating athlete’s foot at the onset is key to stopping the fungal infection before it gets worse, spreads to your toenails, and bugs you all summer!

There are over-the-counter medications you can try, and some claim that tea tree oil and garlic both work to clear up athlete’s foot, as well. We can also prescribe medication that is stronger for stubborn cases. It’s best to have us assess the problem so we can determine the right treatment plan for you.

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