It’s hard to get your work out in if you’re lying on the couch nursing a sore Achilles or painful heel. Injuries aren’t fun and besides getting in the way of fitness routines and goals, they can really mess up your life! Ever try hobbling around the grocery store or sleeping with your foot propped up on 5 pillows? Again, not fun. There is, however, an easy way to help prevent injuries from happening -- warming up properly prior to activities! Notice we used the word “properly.”  Many people either skip the warm-up part of a workout or do something like bend down and touch their toes and call it good.

A proper warm-up should take at least 10 minutes – long enough to prepare all the muscles you will be using in your activity. Always start with light aerobics, like a short jog, to get your blood flowing and muscles warm. Then, incorporate stretching or yoga poses that will loosen muscles and prepare them for the work they will soon be doing. Otherwise, you’re jumping into motion with tight, cold muscles, and that’s just asking for trouble!

Another aspect of properly warming up before activity is making sure you do so gradually. Flying through a warm-up is as bad as skipping it completely! The key is to slowly get your body ready. kind of like priming it for performance (which by the way is better when a proper warm-up is done)!

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