Don’t you hate when you get to the beach and you realize you forgot your towel? What about getting all the way to work only to forget your lunch? Sometimes not remembering stuff can really mess up your day, but forgetting to put sunscreen on your feet could result in much more drastic consequences than having to drip-dry or purchase a meal!

Sunburn FeetIt’s easy, when putting on sunscreen, to skip your feet since you don’t really think about them getting a lot of sun. However, the skin on your feet is not immune to the dangers of UV rays, and if you spend any time outside walking or simply standing barefoot or in sandals on a summer day, your feet are totally exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.  Left unprotected, they can get sunburned and even skin cancer.

The bottom line? When applying SPF, don’t forget your feet! Here are some other precautions you can take to help your feet stay safe from the summer sun:

  • Wear water shoes at the beach and pool, and shoes and socks if you plan to spend a lot of time out in the sun.
  • During the sun’s peak hours of mid-day, head inside or sit in the shade (and make sure your feet aren’t sticking out)!
  • Reapply sunscreen after swimming or every two hours.

If “you missed a spot,” and your feet do get sunburned, you’ll probably never forget about them again! Make a mental note, then take some anti-inflammatory medication and apply lotion or cream with aloe along with cool compresses. Keep a close eye out for any new or changing moles – and next time, remember to protect yourself from head to toe!

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Have a fun summer, and stay safe!

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