Pain gets a bad rap. Too often, it is thought of as a negative thing, but pain is actually quite useful when you stop to think about it. Without pain, you might not be aware of threats to your health and wellbeing. For example, if you put your hand down on a hot burner, but were unable to feel it, you could do lasting damage. If healthy, your nerves quickly trigger a painful sensation that screams “Hey, move your hand!”

Sometimes, though, nerves are damaged and lead to sensations that shouldn’t exist. Burning, tingling, and stabbing can occur from a variety of nerve issues. This pain is usually an indication of nerve damage (neuropathy) or compression (entrapment). Reasons for these conditions include:

  • Diabetes. Nerve damage is one of many effects the disease has on your body. The pain from nerves damaged by diabetes is disconcerting, but even more troublesome is when numbness allows no sensation at all.
  • Vitamin deficiencies. Nerves need the proper nutrition for their health and wellbeing. Specifically, B vitamins (B-1, B-6, and B-12), vitamin E, and niacin help to keep nerves strong.
  • Alcoholism. This actually ties in with vitamin deficiencies, since individuals afflicted with alcoholism tend to make poor dietary choices.
  • Exposure to toxins. Poisons and toxic materials like certain chemicals and heavy metals can lead to nerve damage.
  • Pressure on a nerve. One of the sources of nerve pain in the lower extremities is tarsal tunnel syndrome. The tarsal tunnel is formed between the inside edge of the ankle and a band of ligaments stretching across the foot. Within this tunnel is the tibial nerve, which can cause shooting pain when it is compressed.

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