With summer break coming to a close, your children are on their back to school.  Along with all the pens, pencils, notepads, clothes, and backpacks, they are also probably ready for a new pair of shoes.  There is a definite correlation between the types of shoes we wear and the effects they can have on our feet.  For the growing feet of children, it is even more critical that you are selective about the shoes your kids put their feet in.  We just want to point out 5 things you should keep in mind when shopping for kid's shoes this fall.

  1. Always measure their foot size to start, but pay attention to how each shoe fits your child's foot. Different styles and brands may fit differently for that size. Make sure that the shoe isn't too tight and fits both feet comfortably. You should also check that the shoes are not loose as the foot can slide around and cause blisters.
  2. Assess them for flexibility. Can you bend the shoe up at the toes? Don't purchase shoes with a stiff sole that allow no foot movement. Additionally, the shoe should not bend in the middle or allow you to twist them as is a sign that they lack proper stability.
  3. ‘Breathability.' During running and playing, children's feet sweat just like adults. It is a good idea to select shoes that allow for heat and sweat to escape.
  4. Traction isn't typically a concern when you are looking at sneakers or athletic shoes. Nicer dress shoes or loafer styles don't always have the best grip. While not meant for running and playing, the chance of slipping and falling is greatly increased with smooth bottom soles.
  5. Room for the toes. While cowboy boots may be required for every future cowboy, the pointed tips don't allow enough room for the toes. This holds true for many of the women's styles too.

Keep these tips in mind when you are out shopping for new shoes.  Putting your children in the right shoes can keep their feet pain-free all year long.

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