Athletic shoeWhile you’ve likely heard the warnings regarding injuries from wearing high heels, have you ever considered that your favorite running shoes might be hurting your feet instead of helping them? Athletic shoe injuries do happen.

What is the most you’ve ever spent on a pair? The movie “Back to the Future” featured futuristic high tops worn by Michael J. Fox (aka Marty McFly). Only twenty pairs were made by Nike, and you could pay up to $12,000 to own them yourself. Few people will ever spend that much on shoes, and they wouldn’t wear them if they did! However, you don’t have to purchase collectible shoes to feel like you’re spending an exorbitant amount on footwear. Running shoes are often over a hundred dollars per pair, so many people balk at replacing them when they wear out. However, it’s your feet and ankles that will pay the price.

Traction is an important factor that can impact shoe safety. Shoes that are designed for sports are focused on traction in two ways: side-to-side movement and forward movement. According to a study performed by the Human Performance Lab at the University of Calgary, shoes that have good forward traction but allow the foot to move smoothly from side to side are the most likely to reduce athletic shoe injuries.

Of course, shoes don’t come with a traction rating, so take your time trying on your options. Don’t be afraid to test out the traction in the store by turning, starting, and stopping. If you’re purchasing cleats, find those that have short cleats at the front of the shoe. Also, pay attention to the outer edges of the sole. If cleats are oversized in that area, they may not allow proper rotation, which could lead to a foot or ankle injury. A good overall fit is one of the best things you can do to keep your feet safe and healthy.

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