What does The Holiday season mean to you? Laughter? Fun? Holiday Parties?

YES, to all! The Holiday Season is a time for people to dress up and get together with friends and family, but the Holidays are not always an exciting time for your FEET!

Typically, when people select or buy shoes to match their outfits for the festivities they rarely take into consideration the pain and injury that could result from wearing improper footwear so, here are some helpful reminders:

Tips for Selecting the Best Shoes for the Holiday Season

  1. Holiday Shoes

    Try to go with a lower heel or no heel at all. Wearing heels causes your feet to disperse your body weight unequally, which could lead to toe pain or blisters the next day and more serious complications in the future. Also, a lower heel height means there is a smaller chance of slipping and seriously injuring your foot or ankle if you fall. Lets be honest, no one wants to be “that person” who slipped and twisted their ankle at a party!
  2. Your toes aren’t triangular, so don’t force them that way. We all know that common, stylish woman shoes tend to have a triangular toe box, but try to limit wearing these types of shoes or swap them for a different style. The narrow toe box area can cause an assortment of problems including, painful blisters, swelling, hammertoe and possibly bunions, which are never a good look when sandal season come around!
  3. Let your feet breathe a little! Ugg style boots may be great options for their level and comfortable fit, BUT, be careful when wearing boots that create a warm/moist environment for your toes because it’s a perfect environment for fungal infections and toenail fungus. Just be sure to wash your feet regularly and wear boots with Dry, Clean Socks. Trust us; Trench foot is NOT in style!
  4. Comfort is King! Many injuries and pain can be easily avoided by selecting the right shoes for your feet. Here are some quick recommendations for selecting the right shoes:
    • Measure both your feet (length and width), while standing.
    • Make sure they a comfortable, yet have a strong support.
    • Leave some space in the toe box for your toes to wiggle freely.
    • Don’t let your feet slide around on the inside, but don’t suffocate them either.
    • Try to stay as level to the ground as possible, but no higher than 1.5-2 inch heels.

There are millions of fashionable shoes on the market. By choosing a pair that fits you well will allow you to focus on the great party you’re at, rather than counting down the minutes until you can leave and take off your shoes.                        

Always Remember: Select the Shoes that FIT Your Feet, Don’t Make Your Feet Fit Your Shoes!


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