In a small percentage of the population who has a rather stable foot structure, a good motion control running shoe can reduce the tendency to pronate or collapse the arch during activity and as a result, experience relief from some mild symptoms in their feet, knees, or even backs.  But factually speaking, very few people who suffer from any significant structural problems or who have any significant pathology can go without an orthotic in combination with a good motion control running shoe. 

We highly recommend that our patients get a good, solid and well constructed motion control shoe or sneaker when we dispense their orthotics.  The orthotic and shoe work together to provide maximum stability and corrective position which allows and encourages optimal and non-pathologic function of the foot and ankle during activity. 

Lastly, the "supportive insoles, arch supports or arch cookies" that are promoted to be in these types of shoes and sneakers are obviously generically placed into the shoe or sneaker which simply does not support every individual's arch or foot structure the same way.  This can be an issue for many people.  Any significant degree of asymmetry or difference in foot structure from one foot to the other generally necessitates a custom-made orthotic that will fit and work in conjunction with a well supportive shoe or sneaker.

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